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  • Ios 2014 - Teaser
    Ios 2014 - Teaser
  • Ios 2013 - Aftermovie
    Ios 2013 - Aftermovie
  • Ios 2013 - Sweedish Midsummer
    Ios 2013 - Sweedish Midsummer
  • Ios 2012 - Aftermovie
    Ios 2012 - Aftermovie

IOS 2014

Ios / Greece

Experience the magical charm of Ios in the Greek islands this summer with Life is a Beachparty. Ios is like nowhere else in Europe bringing people from all over the world together - in a unique atmosphere with relaxing beaches and crazy parties day & night. Everyone who travels to Ios falls in love with the island - Do it with us, and you will make even more friendships and save money on great deals we arrange for you!

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  • Ayia Napa 2013 - Aftermovie
    Ayia Napa 2013 - Aftermovie
  • Ayia Napa 2012 - Aftermovie
    Ayia Napa 2012 - Aftermovie

AYIA NAPA 2014 - October Special

Ayia Napa / Cyprus

Ayia napa is still the "classic" under the party destinations for Scandinavians! Everyone knows the stories, everyone knows what to expect... and that's craziness! Great place to go if you want one complete week of madness, and getting a tan! Why book with us? Cause we show you how to use your 7 days in the sun the best way possible, and make sure you will not miss out on any of the great events! And of course, you're part of a big group which means automatically loads of new friends... people who travelled with us and got to know each other in Napa last year, are still flying around Norway for Reunions every second month! :-)

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Ios - Overview

Ios - Overview

UNIQUE, is the first word that comes to mind when you think of the magical island of IOS...

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