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Following recent media reports in Norway regarding the Norwegian Russ groups travelling to Ios this summer we as a company, Life is a Beachparty, would like to make the following statement:
Life is a Beachparty strongly disagrees with the way the media has portrayed Ios (Greece) as a destination. The articles were one sided and based on a few unfortunate, but unusual incidents for Ios.
Overall and in comparison to other party holiday destinations, Ios is a very safe and friendly island.
We have received many statements from Norwegian costumer's travelling to Ios 1 - 2 weeks before the "Norwegian Invasion" week, that stated this is not the Ios they experienced and that they found the articles to be heavily exaggerated.
Our business plan has never been to focus on Norwegian's only or in particular the Russ market. The growth or popularity of Russ travelling to Ios has happened organically over time.
As we are in constant communication with our customers, feedback from the previous summer form an important aspect of our improvement of our services in Ios. We received strong feedback from the Russ groups that they wanted us to cater for them with Norwegian specific events in Ios. Based on this information, lead to why we organised Tix to come to Ios this summer.
We are disappointed about the behaviour of some of the Russ groups in Ios this summer but tried our best to react to diffuse any of these issues as quickly as possible. The last few days of the Russ week in Ios, we were happy to see no more fights took place and we will make further precautions in the future. We absolutely disagree with violence, and have always tried to make peace within groups & within Ios business owners as much as possible. Violence & fighting has nothing to do with what we want to offer young travellers in Ios.
We have already had meetings in Ios with the local community & tourism board. We have met with bar, club & hotel owners as well as the local police & authorities in Ios. The last couple of days with the Russ groups in Ios we were able to stop the fighting and everyone will be better prepared next year. What happened this year came unexpected and following an extensive review will lead to further improvements and precautions taken.
We are currently in the process of having conversations with groups who want to travel to Ios next year already. We will offer additional information & resources to both groups and parents prior to booking and travelling to Ios next summer. We will include parents in the dialogue and put strategies & plans in place on how we can ensure an improved experience for everyone involved.
We started Life is a Beachparty because we love to travel, we want to show people the best time possible in Ios and bring home good memories.
It is our first priority to make sure our vision will be fulfilled again next summer.
Rene Schwarzgruber, Nick Adcock, Stefan Nafra & Manon Elena Pico
Co-Founders & Co-Directors
Life is a Beachparty Pty Ltd


Travel Packages - IOS 2018

IOS 2018

IOS 2018
From € 76 Per Person
  • Accommodation in your chosen LIABP partner hotel
  • Assistance from our Staff/Crew at all times during your stay
  • LIABP wristbands with exclusive offers by our partners in Ios
  • Transfers to/from the Ios Port
Details * Based on a 2 nights stay

IOS 2018 - Bar School

IOS 2018 - Bar School
From € 695 Per Person
  • Including lunch on school days, welcome drink, course books, graduation dinner
  • Assistance from our Staff/Crew at all times during your stay
  • LIABP wristbands with exclusive offers by our partners in Ios
  • Trial opportunities at partner bars/clubs in Ios
Details * Based on a 2 weeks stay

IOS 2018 - Party Package

IOS 2018 - Norwegian Invasion
€ 52 Per Person
  • LIABP singlets
  • LIABP wristbands with exclusive offers by our partners in Ios
  • Reps to assist at all times
  • Organized weekly activities

Events - IOS 2018

Swedish Midsummer

The Swedish midsummer party in Ios, Greece is legendary. A day you will "not remember" - but never forget! Read more about Swedish Midsummer

National Days

The national days are something definitely unique about Ios. These three days of the summer are dedicated to nations that have traditionally come to Ios in big numbers over the last few decades. Read more about National days

Irish Day

It has been the tradition for Irish travelers to 'come oue' (as they would say) to Ios sometime around the end of June. Read more about Irish Day

Aussie Day

Australian's are probably the most dominating nationality in Ios these days. Read more about Aussie Day


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After a successful 2017, The Bar School returns in 2018! Combine a fantastic 3 week holiday experience with learning how to serve awesome drinks. At the LIABP Bar School you become a certified bartender, make heaps of new friends and enjoy the summer on the beautiful island of Ios. We can even assist with job opportunities & trial shifts on the island for an unforgettable summer working abroad in paradise! Keen?


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