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Why book with LIABP?

  • You will experience Ios with the LIABP Staff/Crew who have spent many summers in Ios, know everyone and everything about the island, and make sure you don't miss out on any of the good stuff (parties, events, great restaurants, secret spots and beaches...).
  • You will not only meet, but also bond with a lot of great people from all around the world. We were amazed by how many friendships have been made within our groups the last few years.
  • We do not give you a set schedule or timetable to follow every day. You do just whatever you love to do - join our events if you want, don't if you don't feel for it. But at least if you want to, there is always something happening, and we can answer any question if you wanna explore Ios on your own and need recommendations.
  • DEALS & SAVE money! We have established a great network of partners within the best clubs and bars in Ios (link http://www.amsele.at/partners.html). Cheaper drinks, some free shots or no cover charge are included, as well as 20% discount in our partner restaurants!
  • Get cheaper prices on the Life is a Beachparty Events.
  • You always have a person to contact, if you need medical support, if you have trouble with your hotel room, or any other issue that might occur during your stay in Ios.
  • We really care about the Island of Ios and want more people to travel here. Because of all the places we have been to, this is our favorite with a big place in our hearts! You have to get there to understand :-)

About us

Life is a Beachparty can take care of everything according your Ios holiday! We organize hotels, flights, ferries and party packages. We are a company created from travelers, for travelers. We fell in love with Ios as travelers back in 2007 ourselves and our goal is to make you fall in love with Ios too. You having the best time possible in Ios, is most important to us. We have partnered up with the best bars, clubs, restaurants and water sports on the island to ensure you guys are looked after well. By booking with LIABP, you will leave Ios with great memories and many great new friendships with people from all over the world. Last year travelers from 21 different countries trusted us and went on our tour. It has been great for us to see how many people bonded and became friends. On top of the great experience you will benefit from many discounts all over the island with your LIABP wristband.

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Events Ios 2016

Events Ios 2016

Life is a Beachparty is the event specialist in Ios. See full event program here.

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