Imagine a place, a place with the most stunning scenery! Sandy beaches, narrow, picturesque streets, white-washed buildings, ever shining-sun, and breathtaking sunsets. A place where young people, and people who still feel young, from all around the world come together, find new friends, hang out together all day long, and then to top it off experience together the craziest party atmosphere existing - day and night. This is what you get in Ios! But it’s not finished there. In Ios there is a crucial thing you won’t find anywhere else: People's attitude! We have never seen a place where people were so open and friendly to strangers, where so many friendships have been created. From the moment you step foot on the island you’ll feel a part of the whole Ios family, losing feeling of time, just drifting in the magical atmosphere of this island and having the best time in your life. You have to visit Ios for yourself to experience the magic. If coming with friends to Ios or as a solo traveller – everyone gets immediately charmed and come back again every year.

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