The Bar School


Summer on an island paradise, make new friends from around the world, enjoy crazy parties and spending time at the beach - combine all that with a bartending education course - with The Bar School in Ios. As you can see in our videos, Ios is one of the best summer party destinations for young people in the world! You are going to get the best holiday experience, and at the same time, you will go home with a certified diploma in your hands. LIABP has teamed up with a professional bartending academy from Sweden (Sweden Bar Management), to make sure your education is on point. We give you the chance to land a job in one of our partner bars/clubs in Ios, and it will also be easier to get hired once you are back home as well!

The Bar School Package Inclusions

  • Become a certified Bartender
  • Combine school with a fantastic holiday experience
  • We hook you up with work trial shifts on Ios & give you the chance to get hired for the summer

Full Course Inclusions

  • THREE week bar school in Ios (Greece) run by Sweden Bar Management
  • 21 nights accommodation at Sunrise Hotel in a quad room
  • Welcome drink & night out on arrival
  • Lunch provided on all school days
  • Bar school final test & certificate
  • Graduation party at completion of course
  • LIABP wristbands for special discounts across the island
  • Trial opportunities at partner bars/clubs in Ios
  • Activities & assistance from our staff at all times during your stay
The Bar School

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Being a bartender is fun! You can make money, while you meet a lot of new people, party with them and be part of having a great night!

You can either try and get a job in one of the crazy bars and clubs in Ios, and stay the summer working and having fun, or use the reference to get a job once you are back home. Bartending is a great job to have next to studying at university, or just to work hard and save up for future travels.

Whatever the reason, there is no better place to learn how to become a bartender than in Ios. Ios is simply an amazing place, as you can see, when you check out our YouTube channel. There is no one who leaves Ios without having the most amazing experience. Obviously, there are many party islands and resorts in warm countries, but Ios really is something special. The way people treat each other, and the unique combination of wild nightlife and chilled beach vibes make it extra enjoyable. When you attend the The Bar School, you will become part of the Ios family. We introduce you to all the people who spend their summer here working, and you will make tons of new friends from all imaginable countries.

We will take care of all your needs - plan your trip for you, organise accommodation, structure the education, introduce you to the right people if you are keen to stay for the summer and work. And at the same time, you will be able to party and have fun with the groups who travel with Life is a Beachparty as travellers. That means new people every week :)

The best part is we have designed the school hours to be in the afternoon (3 pm - 9 pm) so you have plenty of time to go to the beach & recover from some crazy nights out in Ios! Our main aim is to combine the bar school course with an amazing holiday experience on the island paradise that is Ios.

We have collaborated with the Sweden Bar Management company from Sweden. These guys are super professional, and super friendly. They also bring a lot of experience, as they have designed & currently run bartending schools in both Sweden and Miami.

All in all, this will be an experience you simply won't forget. You will have so much fun in Ios, and you will not go home empty handed. You will bring back the best memories, many new friends and of course a certified diploma as a professionally trained & educated bartender. There are no negatives about this, are there?

Check out our videos, and full course details! We also have great deals for groups of friends. If you have any questions, or just want to make an inquiry please send us an email to and we are more than happy to explain everything :-)


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About Sweden Bar Management

Sweden Bar Management started with a concept from three guys who have all worked as bar school instructors all over the world in countries such as Thailand, Spain, USA and Sweden teaching and consulting people to become bartenders.

During their 30 combined years in the business and their level of expertise, started what today is now the Sweden Bar Management. With over 2500 examined students to date they are one of the most experienced bar school companies in the world. Today their main offices are located in the Swedish mountains, Sälen and in sunny Miami, Florida.

Other than instructing Bartenders they all work for well known cocktail bars and clubs within Sweden and Norway. In 2015 they also started a recruitment company called helping students and new bartenders to get jobs within the industry.

The guys from Sweden Bar Management now come together with The Bar School, excited to teach people from all over the world and have an awesome time in Ios, Greece!


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Paulina "Paow" Danielsson

Swedish Blogger & TV-Celebrity

"I first did the bar school as a fun thing to meet new people and no thoughts of working as a bartender. Sweden Bar Management's way of getting you to listen and all the experienced stories made me interested to really start working as a bartender."

Julia Stjerna


"I have been through 8 different schools. At the moment I study at university and from that done all different studies. During all my times of study I have always ignored the teachers and focused on my own studies even now in university

This means I have had a lot of teachers but all of them miss what the guys from Sweden Bar Management have. They are educational, fair, funny and their priority is everyone in the class at the same time. The schedule was intense but they made sure teaching each and everyone of us

To take this class is good because you never think that there is so much to learn and having fun at the same time"

Magnus Hansson


"Doing the Sweden Bar Managemet course got me hooked to become a bartender and have since then worked in Sweden and Spain as a bartender all year around

The teachers of Sweden Bar Management are the best teachers you can imagine. The have so much knowledge and teaching experience no one else can give you

At anytime I would take there classes again just for fun!"

Kian Avar

Bartender & TV-Celebrity

"You see a big enthusiasm around the subject of bartending when the teachers talk. All the teachers treat the students with respect and give each student the time they need

I really got the time I needed and am forever grateful for helping me become a bartender

You are gonna have lots of fun with the hilarious and positive teachers. Do the LIABP Barschool – you will not be disappointed"


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Course Outline
  • Check in & Introduction

Week 1

  • Bartending profession & history
  • Introduction free pouring & drink mixing
  • Hygiene & cleanliness
  • Bar setup & guest psychology
  • Alcohol & alcohol history
  • Bar conduct inside & outside the bar
  • Introduction flairing
  • Written homework test

Week 2

  • Laws & regulations
  • Drink mix, shake, pour & stir
  • Frozen drinks
  • Cocktails
  • Shots
  • Mix coffee drinks
  • Mixology drinks
  • Written homework test

Week 3

  • Advanced drink menu
  • Advanced flair routine
  • Economy, budget & inventory
  • Drink contest
  • Flair contest
  • Theory practice & test review
  • Drink mixing practice for exams
  • Graduation & Diploma presentation

ActivitiesRead More

  • Pub crawls
  • Boat tours
  • Beach volleyball tournaments
  • ATV island exploring tours