About Sweden Bar Management


Sweden Bar Management started with a concept from three guys who have all worked as bar school instructors all over the world in countries such as Thailand, Spain, USA and Sweden teaching and consulting people to become bartenders.

During their 30 combined years in the business and their level of expertise, started what today is now the Sweden Bar Management. With over 2500 examined students to date they are one of the most experienced bar school companies in the world. Today their main offices are located in the Swedish mountains, Sälen and in sunny Miami, Florida.

Other than instructing Bartenders they all work for well known cocktail bars and clubs within Sweden and Norway. In 2015 they also started a recruitment company called www.barstaff.com helping students and new bartenders to get jobs within the industry.

The guys from Sweden Bar Management now come together with The Bar School, excited to teach people from all over the world and have an awesome time in Ios, Greece!

About Sweden Bar Management

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