Peter Rönnlund

Founder & Head Teacher
LIABP Barschool & Sweden Bar Management
29, Sweden

Started working in the business as a 17 year old in his hometown of northern Sweden. As a 20 year old decided to move to Thailand to start up a bar with his friends that became the hottest bar for Scandinavian people in Phuket and still is.

After a couple of years he gained the experience to become a teacher for the well known Bar School Academy in Spain & Miami where he was the head teacher for five years.

From all that experience and connections made in Sweden & Miami he together with his friends started Sweden Bar Management and has been running it ever since.

During the winter in Sweden he teaches Scandi's and works as an Entertainment Manager for the famous Ice Nightclub in Sälen, Sweden.

Andreas Stattin

Founder & Administrative Manager
29, Sweden

Being a Bar & Club Owner for several years he decided to step aside and start Sweden Bar Management and together with his knowledge created the material for the bar school.

Andreas role within the company is writing the course plans and managing bookings from the Office in Scandinavia.

Along with running the Sweden Bar Management office he is also a bartender for the well known cocktail bar F6 Oslo, Norway.

Mattias Järveläinen

24, Sweden

Started his career as a primary teacher who got into the bar business travelling through Asia and educated himself as a bartender.

After that he went to Greece and early on got the chance to run a very successful bar.

After Greece he went to Sweden and Spain to work for several bars.

When he worked in Spain, he met Peter & Andreas and started following them working as a bartender in different venues.

With his experience in teaching it became natural for him to help out during classes and soon became an apprentice and now teacher.

Mattias has an educational way of teaching together with the experience and stories you must hear to believe.


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