Paulina "Paow" Danielsson

Swedish Blogger & TV-Celebrity

"I first did the bar school as a fun thing to meet new people and no thoughts of working as a bartender. Sweden Bar Management's way of getting you to listen and all the experienced stories made me interested to really start working as a bartender."

Julia Stjerna


"I have been through 8 different schools. At the moment I study at university and from that done all different studies. During all my times of study I have always ignored the teachers and focused on my own studies even now in university

This means I have had a lot of teachers but all of them miss what the guys from Sweden Bar Management have. They are educational, fair, funny and their priority is everyone in the class at the same time. The schedule was intense but they made sure teaching each and everyone of us

To take this class is good because you never think that there is so much to learn and having fun at the same time"

Magnus Hansson


"Doing the Sweden Bar Managemet course got me hooked to become a bartender and have since then worked in Sweden and Spain as a bartender all year around

The teachers of Sweden Bar Management are the best teachers you can imagine. The have so much knowledge and teaching experience no one else can give you

At anytime I would take there classes again just for fun!"

Kian Avar

Bartender & TV-Celebrity

"You see a big enthusiasm around the subject of bartending when the teachers talk. All the teachers treat the students with respect and give each student the time they need

I really got the time I needed and am forever grateful for helping me become a bartender

You are gonna have lots of fun with the hilarious and positive teachers. Do the LIABP Barschool – you will not be disappointed"


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