Being a bartender is fun! You can make money, while you meet a lot of new people, party with them and be part of having a great night!

You can either try and get a job in one of the crazy bars and clubs in Ios, and stay the summer working and having fun, or use the reference to get a job once you are back home. Bartending is a great job to have next to studying at university, or just to work hard and save up for future travels.

Whatever the reason, there is no better place to learn how to become a bartender than in Ios. Ios is simply an amazing place, as you can see, when you check out our YouTube channel. There is no one who leaves Ios without having the most amazing experience. Obviously, there are many party islands and resorts in warm countries, but Ios really is something special. The way people treat each other, and the unique combination of wild nightlife and chilled beach vibes make it extra enjoyable. When you attend the The Bar School, you will become part of the Ios family. We introduce you to all the people who spend their summer here working, and you will make tons of new friends from all imaginable countries.

We will take care of all your needs - plan your trip for you, organise accommodation, structure the education, introduce you to the right people if you are keen to stay for the summer and work. And at the same time, you will be able to party and have fun with the groups who travel with Life is a Beachparty as travellers. That means new people every week :)

The best part is we have designed the school hours to be in the afternoon (3 pm - 9 pm) so you have plenty of time to go to the beach & recover from some crazy nights out in Ios! Our main aim is to combine the bar school course with an amazing holiday experience on the island paradise that is Ios.

We have collaborated with the Sweden Bar Management company from Sweden. These guys are super professional, and super friendly. They also bring a lot of experience, as they have designed & currently run bartending schools in both Sweden and Miami.

All in all, this will be an experience you simply won't forget. You will have so much fun in Ios, and you will not go home empty handed. You will bring back the best memories, many new friends and of course a certified diploma as a professionally trained & educated bartender. There are no negatives about this, are there?

Check out our videos, and full course details! We also have great deals for groups of friends. If you have any questions, or just want to make an inquiry please send us an email to office@lifeisabeachparty.com and we are more than happy to explain everything :-)


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