Will there be a season in Ios / Greece in the summer of 2021?

Will there be a [...]

This is one of the main questions that is coming into our inboxes across all platforms the last few weeks! While we cannot predict the future or plan for restrictions the different governmen [...]
The Covid summer after movie

The Covid summe [...]

Dear Travel lovers, How was your summer? Did you go away at all? Are you planning on going away anytime soon, or is it kind of all on hold because of the still uncertain situation? We would [...]
Benefits of booking with LIABP

Benefits of boo [...]

We often get asked the question: "what are the main benefits of booking our trip to Ios with Life is a Beachparty?" Here is a video for all of you to really understand what LIABP does, and w [...]
Our Ios summer 2020 experience so far

Our Ios summer [...]

For those who don’t know me, my name is Rene & I'm one of the founders of Life is a Beachparty (LIABP). I have been coming to Ios every summer since 2012, and this one is unlike any of the [...]
Want to travel to Ios this summer, but you are afraid it will not be busy?

Want to travel [...]

Since COVID-19 restrictions have been gradually easing the last couple of weeks, we've been getting a lot of new requests! People seem to be bored and super keen to get away again, and with [...]
Update regarding Ios 2020

Update regardin [...]

Firstly, we want to let you know that, YES, LIABP will be in Ios this summer. Starting 1st of July! Our usual online presence has remained quiet the last few months while we navigated cancel [...]
LIABP interview series: George Binas / LUVNROLL

LIABP interview [...]

1. Hey George, tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is George Binas and I was born in Athens,Greece. I studied applied mathematics and specialize in branding and marketing.I am the F [...]
LIABP interview series: Kathleen Doherty / Owner Harmony Restaurant

LIABP interview [...]

1. Tell everyone a bit about yourself? Where are you from and what are you up to all year around? My name is Kathleen, owner of Harmony Restaurant on the headland of Mylopotas Beach. I’m a [...]
LIABP interview series: Manolis Katsavis / Manager at Sweet Irish Dream

LIABP interview [...]

1. Manolis, where are you from and when was the first time you came to the island of Ios, and why? First of all I want to thank you guys for this interview. My name is Manolis Katsavis. Alt [...]
LIABP interview series: Pete Byrne / Musician & Music Manager at Circus Bar

LIABP interview [...]

1. Pete, tell us a few words about yourself. Who are you, and how did you end up in Ios? I’m a professional musician from Ireland who sings all over the world & I also run a booking c [...]
LIABP interview series: Christos Mykoniatis / Owner FarOut Beach Club

LIABP interview [...]

1. Christos, tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background and what is your connection to FarOut Beach Club? Hello and thank you for taking the time to include our side of th [...]
5 reasons why Odessa / Ukraine is a great choice for a summer holiday!

5 reasons why O [...]

Guys, have you been to all the regular places? Ibiza, Mallorca, Croatia, Mykonos, Ios or Thailand? You feel like exploring, and experiencing something completely new? Then Odessa, in the sou [...]
4 reasons why you should travel to Ukraine with TWTB

4 reasons why y [...]

Ukraine is awesome and totally underrated! While it is not a dangerous place, there are still a few differences to Europe. That is exactly why you need someone like us, to help you have the [...]
5 ways to cure your hangover in Ios / Greece

5 ways to cure [...]

"How much would you pay to spend a week in Ios without getting any hangover at all?!" A question that is often discussed on the island. The combination of late nights and too many alcoholic [...]
Why Ios Nightlife is more fun than anything

Why Ios Nightli [...]

Despite all the amazing beaches, activities, restaurants and vibes, that even make our parents love this island, the nightlife is still the main reason for many of our travellers to make the [...]
2020 Budget friendly trips to Ios

2020 Budget fri [...]

Ios (Greece) never disappoints, however, it is not the cheapest destination to travel to. If you fly to Magaluf (Spain) or Ayia Napa (Cyprus), your flights can be significantly cheaper. But [...]
LIABP's Favourite Restaurants in Ios 

LIABP's Favouri [...]

This is going to be a tough selection - because, this place is full of great food options, especially being such a small island. Usually Ios - Nightlife are the 2 most searched topics. Howe [...]
Swedish Midsummer 2020

Swedish Midsumm [...]

If you know Life is a Beachparty (LIABP) and have followed us for a while, this topic is not unknown to you! Next year - SAVE the date: Friday, June 19th, 2020. It secretly is the favorite d [...]
Staff in Ios & the LIABP connection

Staff in Ios & [...]

It is often hard to describe what makes Ios in the Greek islands so special, so different to other holiday destinations. There are several reasons for Ios being our favorite - but the people [...]
LIABP Corporate Travel

LIABP Corporate [...]

Looking for a fun & exciting trip for a corporate group or incentive bonus? Something that makes your employees feel special, something they will never forget and make them appreciate workin [...]
Greek island-hopping

Greek island-ho [...]

Feel like getting a bit of everything during your holiday to the Greek islands and mixing it up a little? Ios is perfectly located between the tourist hot spots of Santorini and Mykonos. We [...]
LIABP 25+ Experience

LIABP 25+ Exper [...]

“Not sure, am I too old for this?!?” Does that go through you, or your friend's minds when considering going on a holiday to a destination like Ios in Greece? Well, it also went through [...]
LIABP VIP Experience

LIABP VIP Exper [...]

Do you want to experience the best of Ios, and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks? Look no further!!! We have TWO amazing Villa options for you. When you wake up to these amazing views [...]
Graduation Trips Ios / Greece 2020

Graduation Trip [...]

Another magical summer in Ios has come to an end, we look back on great memories with friends from over 25 different nations. Graduation Trips, have for a while, been a big part of our summe [...]
LIABP Party Package - the best way to experience Ios

LIABP Party Pac [...]

You and your friends travel to Ios but probably ask yourself a few things: Well, all those questions, and more - we have a solution for you. With the Life is a Beachparty Party Package you a [...]
Life is a Beachparty goes Thailand - this is our 2020 Winter Party Tour

Life is a Beach [...]

After spending the winter in Thailand, exploring, researching, making contacts and testing the nightlife - we have now decided that this is exactly what we went to offer you guys! Thailand i [...]
LIABP announces pre-event pool parties this summer! All you need to know & how to book

LIABP announces [...]

Pool party anyone? Yes PLEASE - and of course LIABP knows how to do it right! Everyone who comes to Ios has heard about the infamous FarOut Beach Club. Not only will the DJ line up this summ [...]
Tips on landing yourself the best summer job in Ios

Tips on landing [...]

Spending the best summer of your life working on the island of Ios! Many of you love that thought - living a never ending-holiday full of parties, fun & new friends - whilst working in a par [...]
Best ways to get to Ios (everything you need to know about ferry connections)

Best ways to ge [...]

We all know that Ios is an island paradise in the Greek islands! However, if you would want to find any negatives about the island of Ios, it is probably the trip to get there itself. At the [...]
The island life in Ios / Greece

The island life [...]

Only in Ios, do people say "good morning" at 2:30 pm, and actually mean it! The clock ticks differently on the island of Ios. If you choose to go to the beach before 11 am, you will have the [...]
Day-time activities in Ios (apart from drinking)

Day-time activi [...]

Ios is more than just a party island! This is something we have been trying to get across for a while now - Ios is obviously famous for its notorious nightlife, and we have also focused on i [...]
7 reasons for Ios to be your summer 2019 destination

7 reasons for I [...]

Here is your answer on where you and your friends want to travel to this summer! You all need something to look forward to, right? Exams, shitty weather, too much work - whatever it may be, [...]
Graduation Trips

Graduation Trip [...]

Ios is getting more and more popular for large groups of graduation students, especially in the first 2 weeks of June. International schools from Portugal and Switzerland, Colleges from Irel [...]
What is happening in Ios and at LIABP once the summer is over?

What is happeni [...]

It is hard to imagine for the most of you, but when the summer months have passed, Ios becomes this very quiet & super relaxed place. Giving locals and business owners the chance to finally [...]
The Irish Lads & The Danish Beauty in Ios, Greece

The Irish Lads [...]

"None of us expected that we would all fall in love with a Danish beauty on Ios" "It started out with a fisk, and then it ended like this"... is what the lads kept chanting especially during [...]
National days

National days [...]

The national days are something definitely unique about Ios. These three days of the summer are dedicated to nations that have traditionally come to Ios in big numbers over the last few deca [...]