5 reasons why Odessa / Ukraine is a great choice for a summer holiday!

5 reasons why Odessa / Ukraine is a great choice for a summer holiday!

Guys, have you been to all the regular places? Ibiza, Mallorca, Croatia, Mykonos, Ios or Thailand?

You feel like exploring, and experiencing something completely new? Then Odessa, in the south of Ukraine, located on the shore of the black sea could be something that sparks your interest.

Here are 5 reasons why we think you would like it in Odessa:

1) The Beach Clubs
Odessa has a beautiful old town, with great restaurants and nice scenery. However, the main place to hang out will be the so called "Arcadia" area. A massive entertainment complex, full of shops, bars, restaurants and large beach clubs. Here you can find anything you want on a fun day in the sun. There are plenty of options too when it comes to beach clubs too. Three of which we think are great, both during the day and night. Daytime is for chilling in the sun, on super comfy sun beds, great tunes and very fair prices. At night, big DJ sets make thousands of people come out to play. No roof, all open air under the mostly clear skies. This is why our groups often chose to stay very close to the Arcadia area. Hit us up for the best options to stay and party in Odessa.

2) The Girls
Obviously Ukraine is known for its beautiful ladies, who of course, also like to party in the warm summer nights. Girls from all over Ukraine love to spend a week or 2 here during the months of June, July and August. Apart from that, Odessa itself is a big city. While we think, Odessa has much more to offer than just girls, it is indeed a nice little extra to party among so many beauties, who are mostly friendly and open to meet tourists. It is just as interesting for them, as it is for you. Compared to other summer destinations, Odessa will definitely be on top of the list in this regard!

3) The Old town and its Traditional Restaurant's
Here is where you come to get your tourist pictures, and to feel true Ukrainian vibes. We recommend some of the most traditional restaurants in town - amazing food, and great atmosphere. With the authentic menu and even the traditional dress code of the waiters give you a special feel. Spice your dinner experience up with a few shots of Ukrainian vodka - ice cold, good, and cheap! The old town is perfect to stroll around, nice views, buildings and a lot of parks create a beautiful scenery. After dinner you might want to go for a drink around town. There are heaps of cool cocktail and karaoke bars (which is a big thing in Ukraine, and can be funny after a few vodkas at dinner). There is also one epic nightclub in town, away from the Arcadia area. Worth a visit - our local guide will hook you up!

4) The Prices
While Odessa is the most expensive city in Ukraine, it is still very good value for western standards. Transfers, drinks and food are half of the price you are probably used to, or much less. Even if you enjoy high quality table service, or high end restaurants, the prices are still super fair. People often end up spending the same as being somewhere else, but, they will get way more value for their money.

5) It is safe
Ukraine still sometimes has a stigma that it is dangerous, old and dirty. Western media seems to have to portrayed it that way, and we don't really know a lot of people who have been there before. But, we have! It is totally fine in terms of security. Obviously, we don't recommend going somewhere outside of the city center at night, alone, and drunk. But, you shouldn't do that anywhere in the world. If you stick to the main areas, you will see that you won't get in trouble. We never felt unsafe, neither have our groups. The only thing is, that some people might try to scam you, if they see you are foreigners. But that is why you have us and our local guide to make sure you don't fall into those traps.


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