LIABP Corporate Travel

LIABP Corporate Travel

Looking for a fun & exciting trip for a corporate group or incentive bonus? Something that makes your employees feel special, something they will never forget and make them appreciate working at your company even more?

Please check out Ios - a small, beautiful island in Greece, rich with adventure and entertainment. World famous for its nightlife, but has so much to offer otherwise too. Perfectly located between the two big players of Mykonos and Santorini - Ios is convenient to access.

Ios has breathtaking sunsets, just like Santorini, with nightlife like Mykonos - BUT, for half the price.

Ios used to be a hippie island back in the 80's, and still has those authentic small island vibes.

Amazing restaurants, beaches, water sports, quad bike tours and sunset lounges will entertain you during the days.

While all the small bars and clubs in the village of Ios are going wild until sunrise all throughout summer.

Of course, we can organise lots of individual group activities too! We know the island in and out, as we have been here for 10 years.

You tell us what you want, and we will fix it. 

Have a look at our YouTube channel & our website - send us an email with your questions:

This is the perfect destination for a trip with your company, with unbeatable value for money.


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