Life is a Beachparty goes Thailand - this is our 2020 Winter Party Tour

Life is a Beachparty goes Thailand - this is our 2020 Winter Party Tour

After spending the winter in Thailand, exploring, researching, making contacts and testing the nightlife - we have now decided that this is exactly what we went to offer you guys!

Thailand is beautiful, diverse, offers crazy parties and amazing food.

On our 2020 Winter Party Tour you will experience the world famous Full Moon party, see tons of beautiful sunsets and beaches, do boat and pool parties, jungle tours, snorkeling - with an exclusive crew of 40 people only.

Cameraden Media, our friends from the Netherlands, will join us to film this entire adventure, as they have done for years in Ios. That means you will get a professionally produced movie to take home as a great memory.

PHUKET (Feb 1 - Feb 4)

The tour will start in Phuket on 1st February 2020 - with 12 nights of full action, adventure and party.

We will introduce you to the wild nightlife of Patong and the world famous Bangla Road, party with style at Cafe Del Mar at their infamous sunday brunch pool parties and spend some time exploring beautiful places like Freedom Beach by boat.

KOH PHI PHI (Feb 4 - Feb 7)

After 3 nights we will move onto the island that many of you know from Leo DiCaprio's movie "The Beach" - KOH PHI PHI! Phi Phi is a small island, with a big party scene.

We will time the trip so you will experience the craziest pool party of Thailand, at Ibiza Beach hotel. We will  also be staying at the Villa complex of the hotel, 20 meters from the beach, with an amazing pool surrounded by palm trees and jungle.

One of the days we will spend on a 7 hour party booze cruise. DJ, music, drinks, party - but also visiting the two must see spots around Phi Phi! Maya Bay and Monkey b=Beach! Hold on to your valuables!

Of course, every night is crazy on Phi Phi. We will kick off the nights with some beer pong and live music action, before heading to the beach where all the clubs are pumping. No shoes, you rave right in the sand!

KOH PHANGAN (Feb 7 - Feb 10)

On day 7, it is time to head towards the main event! On 9th February, it is the FULL MOON party. This party needs no explanation. It needs to experienced. UP to 30.000 people from all over the globe will be there celebrating together.

However, there is much more to Koh Phangan. Amazing beaches to explore, wild jungle, zip lining and even hippie culture, for those who want to experience that!

We will rent scooters and cruise around to explore this amazing place.

KOH TAO (Feb 10 - Feb 13)

After we have done all that, and recovered from probably the biggest night at the FULL MOON party, we will head onto one of our very favourites, Koh Tao. It got our attention from many friends from Ios who spent their winters here.

The perfect place to put a relaxing ending to this tour. Really chilled vibes, amazing food, view points & great snorkeling.

The vibe around sunset is probably the best we have experienced in all of Thailand, with plenty of bars right on the sand with a perfect view to the sunset.

Koh Tao is also perfect to explore by scooter. And of course we will not miss out on taking a boat over to Ko Nang Yuan with its breathtaking views and crystal clear waters.

Naturally we will also explore the nightlife, and will finish the experience with a bang joining the Koh Tao pub crawl (which is always busiest after the Full Moon party in Koh Phangan as most people travel on to Koh Tao after).

To sum it up - each of our 4 destinations in Thailand is totally different. Every island has a different vibe to it, different landscape and so much to experience. No day will be like the other, and no day will be boring.

Now imagine all of this, perfectly organised. You don't have to worry about a thing, and you can be sure that you will not miss out on any of the highlights each place has to offer. And on top of that, you will be part of a fun international crew. You never will be partying or chilling alone, unless you want to :-)

To keep the energy in the group on the best possible level, we will make this a 50:50 female:male ratio group.

If you are interested and want to secure a spot, you can put down a 100 EUR deposit. email us for details, questions and booking requests.

We are super excited to take a new step with LIABP! Hurry up if you want to be part of our very first tour in Thailand.

In 2021 we will offer tours throughout the winter. But, isn't it fun to be a pioneer, and get your own movie experience too?


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