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Dear Travel lovers,

How was your summer? Did you go away at all? Are you planning on going away anytime soon, or is it kind of all on hold because of the still uncertain situation? We would actually love to hear your thoughts and feelings about travelling in these strange times. 

From our end, we are happy to say that we are getting requests and bookings for next summer already - just like it usually is in October. This is generally the time where large groups of student's book their trips, and they do not seem to want to miss out on this tradition next year. Of course, maybe people are a bit more hesitant with booking just yet, because there is a fear that it all has to be cancelled again because of travel restrictions. We hope that things are under control until it's time for another summer in Ios. Hard to say now really, but at least people are still keen on coming down to enjoy life!

If you haven't seen it yet, check out The Covid summer after movie we created this summer - this time without the party! However, it shows the beauty of Ios even more. We really had a great time, even with a bit less focus on the crazy stuff that usually goes on in Ios.

Some dudes from Poland and New Zealand, living in the UK, who usually work on Hollywood movies (the new 'Fast and the Furious' movie) got in touch with us and wanted to come hang out in Ios, getting away from London for a bit. They asked us to show them the island from a very personal perspective and wanted to capture things with the newest drone technology. So that's what we did, we hung out, explored the island, had lots of fun and this video is the result of it.

We ate like kings (easy to do in Ios if you actually take the time for it), we did a lot of sports, we had more time for tanning than ever before (because we didn't sleep all day long), we connected with people on a deeper level, as quality time had to make up for the wild nights.

Did we miss the parties? Hell yeah, of course. After all, the parties are the reason why we all come to Ios in the first place. Nothing compares to it. Although, with an extreme situation this year, we had to adapt our expectations and improvise. What we discovered wasn't that bad at all, because this island just has so much to offer.

Does anyone else want to share their Ios 2020 summer story, and how they experienced it?

We would love to hear it, and share your story on our social media channels!


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