Update regarding Ios 2020

Update regarding Ios 2020

Firstly, we want to let you know that, YES, LIABP will be in Ios this summer. Starting 1st of July!

Our usual online presence has remained quiet the last few months while we navigated cancellations or change of dates with existing groups, and with these unprecedented times, there wasn't much we could do other than just wait and see how things played out. We didn´t feel it was appropriate to promote travel and parties! However, as we've all seen in recent days & weeks, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel now!

Greece has done very well with containing the COVID-19 situation, and acted fast to control the initial numbers. On Ios itself, there to date has been no reported cases of COVID-19. The government has therefore announced that Greece will allow holiday-makers from a list of 30 countries from June 15 (via Athens) & then from most European countries after July 1 (including flights to the islands). Note all holiday-makers arriving after June 15 will not be required to get COVID tested or serve a quarantine period in Greece or the islands. Please check the specific government laws and recommendations in your country to be sure prior to booking or travelling to Greece.

This summer will be different, that's for sure. We don't think anyone really expected anything at all to go ahead for the summer a few weeks ago. We definitely did not! After the whole isolation thing, the thought of beach, sun and a bit of paradise sound more than tempting to many.

Over the last 7 days requests have started to pick up again. Of course, people are hesitant because they are not sure what the regulations will be like, or if it will be busy. To be perfectly honest, we also are not sure. BUT what we can promise, is to make the best of it. This is a summer with LIABP that will be more about personal connection between people more than ever.

We will make the most of the days on hidden beaches, boat trips, private villas, sunset lounges, BBQ's and amazing dinners. There will not be such a great variety of party as we are usually known for, but we will always find a few bars to enjoy ourselves. Also, more than ever this is a time to book with a company like us! We gather people, we connect people and we want to show you guys the best time possible.

Greece is still navigating its way through the initial phases of re-opening with gradual easing of the rules and regulations regarding party sizes & social distancing with increased hygiene conditions now. We are still unsure what the result will be in the end, but the signs are more and more positive. For existing or new reservations, we will chat personally with you before travelling, stay in touch and answer all your questions or concerns. We are also happy to arrange a call with you and your group of friends, as we understand this is a situation that needs extra care! We are working closely with our partners in Ios to ensure a safety-first approach when it comes to all our groups this summer.

There are no festivals throughout the world this summer & no big events either. Options are limited, but we all still want to enjoy life, right? So, why not visit us in our little island paradise and maybe change this year's focus from "purely party" to, a bit of party, a bit of daytime adventure, making friends from around the world, eating at great restaurants, getting a tan and just enjoying the Greek islands!

Truth be told, it's been a terrible few-months for the whole travel industry, including us. So, we would be more than happy to accommodate anyone who decides to jump on board with us last minute! Also, there might be some good deals available, including upgrades or more competitive prices for accommodation that otherwise might not be in your budget! Send us an email or message and we see what we can do!

The island of Ios will do everything to make sure your summer is as fun and safe as possible!

Again, we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

For those that are unable to travel this summer, stay safe, keep in touch & we look forward to seeing many of you in summer 2021.

Much love


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