Will there be a season in Ios / Greece in the summer of 2021?

Blog 37: Will there be a season in Ios / Greece in the summer of 2021? #1
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This is one of the main questions that is coming into our inboxes across all platforms the last few weeks!

While we cannot predict the future or plan for restrictions the different governments are thinking of implementing (or not), we know one thing for sure - EVERYONE is desperate for some fun, sun, beach and party! Probably now more than ever, with all the built-up energy.

This all seems 'so far away' right now, doesn't it? The appreciation of being able to enjoy these things again, that were once so normal, will give the energy on the island another positive boost. Now, hard to say if this will all be possible by June. However, we certainly hope so, and we are ready!

People in Ios are doing their best to be prepared and follow all the guidelines necessary. Even last summer the island managed to stay nearly Covid free. Bookings and requests also indicate that people are optimistic towards the upcoming summer, given the latest developments. We have large amounts of bookings from countries like Norway, and many Irish groups seem to be following up now too. It really all comes down to if the governments will give the green light to travel.

Cancellation policies of airlines and hotels around the whole Covid situation are pretty flexible, so there is no reason not to start looking into booking your adventure.

We hope that the legendary 'Swedish midsummer' party in the end of June is going to be the event that will officially seal the comeback of the island lifestyle we all love so much! Fingers crossed, that things turn to the bright side again! Lots of memories are waiting to be created in our little island paradise.

If you have any questions - hit us up! Until then, make the best of it - we hope to see you all very soon!


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