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Ios 2019: Hotel + Party

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Imagine a place, a place with the most stunning scenery! Sandy beaches, narrow, picturesque streets, white-washed buildings, ever shining-sun, and breathtaking sunsets. A place where young people, and people who still feel young, from all around the world come together, find new friends, hang out together all day long, and then to top it off experience together the craziest party atmosphere existing - day and night. This is what you get in Ios!


  • 18+


  • Greece / Ios

Travel time

  • Summer 2019

Always Included

  • Accommodation in your chosen LIABP partner hotel
  • Free transfers to/from the Ios Port
  • Free LIABP wristbands with exclusive offers by our partners in Ios
  • Assistance from our Staff/Crew at all times during your stay


We Love Receiving Feedback From The Legends Who Book With Us!

Definitely going to travel with LIABP again!

I never thought I would make so many friends on a holiday trip, but travelling with LIABP made it possible. We had the opportunity to do whatever we wanted to do, but the LIABP team always had a plan if we wanted to do something with the whole group. I can honestly say that the nights were so much funnier when we were a big group! I am definitely going to travel with LIABP next year, I can't wait to party with even more people!


Time of my life!

Travelling with LIABP to Ios was amazing, and I don't regret it for a second. I made so many new friends and got to experience things I wouldn't have if I was travelling alone. Definitely the time of my life!


Met so many great people!

I'll never forget my first trip with LIABP this summer. I met so many great people through LIABP, who made the whole experience perfect. I would never regret going on that Tour and there is no doubt that I will travel with LIABP in the next years! Hope to see you guys there.


Totally recommended for everyone!

Travelling with LIABP was one of the most fun and wildest things that I've experienced. The atmosphere was great and it was almost like we all were part of a big family by the end of the trip. I'll join again next summer for sure! Totally recommended for everyone.


There are no words!

Met the LIABP crew when I was in Ios in 2013.. Like a mini army conquering the bars and clubs of Ios together! You NEED to experience a LIABP holiday.. There are no words!


Everyday was a new party!

I joined LIABP for their Ios Tour this year and had the best time of my life. Everyday was a new party with heaps of cool new friends. I would have never experienced the things I did if I didn't Tour with LIABP, the amazing crew and everybody else on the Tour. We destroyed the island and I can't wait to do it all again next year!


Ios is just amazing!

Ios is just amazing! Last summer with LIABP was one of the best times in my life! I met so many crazy people and made so much unforgettable memories. In normal life I'm very busy and I have to study a lot but a summer with LIABP helps me to get away from all this and enjoy happiness.





LIABP Hotels

LIABP Party Hotel

  • Best pre-party facilities on the Island right by the pool
  • 2 minutes walk to the party center of Ios
  • Very popular amongst Scandinavian travellers
Prices starting from € 46 (per night & person)

The LIABP hotel is perfectly located in the center of Ios, overlooking the old town from the pool area. Everything you need is within short walking distance. It is also our meeting spot for pre-parties before our pub crawls, there is no better place to meet up early in the evening! It has traditionally always had many Swedish and Norwegian travellers, but of course everyone is welcome. It has a nice and private pool area, a great place to chill if you do not want to go to the beach.

  • Rooms serviced daily
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wifi, phone & fax facilities available from reception area
  • Kitchen facilities in some rooms
  • Safety deposit box
{"Season1":{"Start":"2019\/06\/01","End":"2019\/06\/15","Prices":{"Double room":21,"Triple room":21,"Quadruple room":21}},"Season2":{"Start":"2019\/06\/16","End":"2019\/06\/30","Prices":{"Double room":26,"Triple room":26,"Quadruple room":26}},"Season3":{"Start":"2019\/07\/01","End":"2019\/07\/10","Prices":{"Double room":36,"Triple room":31,"Quadruple room":31}},"Season4":{"Start":"2019\/07\/11","End":"2019\/08\/19","Prices":{"Double room":44,"Triple room":41,"Quadruple room":34}},"Season5":{"Start":"2019\/08\/20","End":"2019\/08\/31","Prices":{"Double room":26,"Triple room":26,"Quadruple room":26}}}
Room Type Sleeps Quantity

LIABP Budget Hotel

  • 3 minutes walk to the party center of Ios
  • Spacious pool area
  • Great budget hotel option
Prices starting from € 40 (per night & person)

The LIABP Budget Hotel is perfectly located in the center of Ios. Supermarket, bus station, bars and restaurants are just a couple of meters away. It is a nice, clean, family run hotel with super friendly staff and a great pool area. The perfect hotel for travelers who are looking for a budget option.

  • Rooms serviced daily
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pool and Pool Bar area
  • Safety deposit box
{"Season1":{"Start":"2019\/06\/01","End":"2019\/06\/15","Prices":{"Double room":15,"Triple room":15,"Quadruple room":15}},"Season2":{"Start":"2019\/06\/16","End":"2019\/06\/30","Prices":{"Double room":18,"Triple room":18,"Quadruple room":18}},"Season3":{"Start":"2019\/07\/01","End":"2019\/07\/10","Prices":{"Double room":20,"Triple room":20,"Quadruple room":20}},"Season4":{"Start":"2019\/07\/11","End":"2019\/08\/19","Prices":{"Double room":30,"Triple room":30,"Quadruple room":30}},"Season5":{"Start":"2019\/08\/20","End":"2019\/08\/31","Prices":{"Double room":20,"Triple room":20,"Quadruple room":20}}}
Room Type Sleeps Quantity


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      * For the first two nights (minimum) per person in euro

      ** Additional nights per person in euro

      Note: Prices do NOT include breakfast

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      2 Upgrades

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      € 10/each

      3 Deposit

      PayPal/Credit card (3.4% surcharge)

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        Congratulations! You have now booked your holiday to Ios 2019 with Life is a Beachparty. You have to follow the Paypal link (sent via email) to pay for the deposit (if not already paid after completing the booking process - page has opened in a new tab) which will confirm your booking. Once the deposit payment have been confirmed we will send you a further official booking document to use in Ios via email. Any further questions please contact us at

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