Bars and Clubs

LIABP has partnered with a great selection of bars and clubs. They will also make sure you have a great time during your stay in Ios!

More About Bars and Clubs

Alt Bar

Alt Bar has been open since the summer of 2015 and has been killing it with their unbeatable variety of shots and mixology entertainment! We can promise, that you can try shots here that you have never tried before. Some of them will give you a great laugh, some will surprise you with taste. If you want to party, take shots, and experience something different, this is the place for you to check out! Ps: their dry ice machine makes your drinks look like they have been cooked up with witchcraft!


Probably the most charming place to start your night at. Every year, Astra guarantees delicious cocktails, super friendly staff, good music and being a great spot to meet people. DJ Branca will play the right tunes to get you going for a long night out in Ios. Dance along the bar or sit outside on the steps with pillows to chat with friends or strangers. Everyone feels welcome here, and for many good reasons :)

The Bank

The Bank opened in summer 2015. Great drinks, a huge variety of music and some of Ios best Bartenders make sure you have a blast. The club is new and looks fresh - also because the walls got pimped up by our friends from "One Love" with their great art. It's busy all throughout the night in Ios, also often great for late hours! And boys, there are always some nice girls on the dancefloor :)


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Stylish looking bar on the main street leading into the square. The legendary Papa Nick, is always promoting on the door with a friendly mix of international bartenders to keep your drink requests satisfied. Great variety of commercial & party music, definitely worth checking out on any pub crawl during your stay in Ios!

Circus Bar

Circus has become a favourite of many over the years. The only bar in Ios nightlife, with smashing live music. Great musicians from all over the world and the staff of Circus, make it the great place it is. All up it counts for a fun and entertaining night, and at times it gets pretty-loose! Because of their great success, Circus has moved to a bigger venue, so more of you can enjoy the vibe at the same time. It’s located in the center of the village, between Alt Bar and Pash!


Coo is the first and only Rnb & HipHop club on Ios. Located in the very center of the Village, Coo has become a highlight in the nightlife here. The cocktails are fantastic, the flirt factor is high, and it's simply a great place to party to Rnb music. It is usually busy from early to late, and one of the only places with an MC helping pump the crowd up. Check it out, you will have a blast!


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Delta House

Opened its doors in summer 2019 with a cool college frat house vibe! You feel like you are back at college with a great selection of staff & DJ’s partying into the early hours. Check out some of the pictures on the wall & we highly recommend trying the new bong shot!


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Another new contender in summer 2017. Escobar is located within a corner doorway just up from Alt bar. Escobar opens up into an impressive sized club & you will definitely feel like you have stepped into the South American world of Pablo Escobar. Great line up of DJ's & staff make for an unforgettable night which will keep you coming back night after night!

Lost Boys

This is neverland! Inspired by the lifestyle of Peter Pan and his crew, Lost Boys is one of the top meeting spots on the island. Go there early to start your night, play beer pong in their kickass garden, and get yourself in the mood with their Fishbowl drinks or variety of shots! Many of you will love to get involved in the singlet challenge (buy 7 shots, get 1 singlet for free) - without a doubt, Lost boys has the most popular singlet on Ios. People can't get enough of it - Check it out!

Lotus Bar

Great bar to start your night, perfect place to chill in their charming garden atmosphere and chat with the bartenders. It's a popular meeting spot from as early as 10 pm. One thing that makes many people come here is there signature absinthe shots! An international selection of those shots, presented on fire with a piece of sugar cube provides everyone with a boost for a long night out in the village.


The place to rage! It's a favourite place to go wild for many LIABP travellers. Many say Pash is home of the best DJ on Ios (TVB) - we agree, that's why he is also on the Decks on our LIABP events at FarOut too! Pash had a killer season, was packed every night from 1 - 5 am. The perfect place for lovers of house music, dancing and good cocktails!


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Shush Bar

A new contender for best bar on the island opened in summer 2016. Shush is the only silent disco on the island & was an immediate hit on the island. Choose from 3 different music styles & dance/sing like nobody is listening. Great atmosphere combined with awesome staff has created the place visit during your night out in Ios!

Sweet Irish Dream

Without a doubt the most famous "after hour" club on Ios! From 3 - 7 am this place is the place to be. Sweet Irish is one of the biggest clubs on the island, and goes crazy every night from opening until closing! It's a must for every Ios visitor. And it's also a favourite of many! Very high party and flirt factor!


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Scorpion Nightclub

The largest of the clubs on Ios. Scorpion only opens during the high season for on average a 4 - 6 week period. Similar to Sweet Irish this club is open from 3 – 7 am with a packed dance floor & VIP area. EDM pumping from start to finish with some of the best DJ’s on the island. Check it out during high season as an alternative to Sweet Irish.